The Winner Of The Womens Division Of The Vans Park Series Championships is...

Saturday, August 20, 2016

The contest was INSANE the girls were ripping!  This was the FIRST time the women have ever competed for the World Championship, and they were stoked!

The park was designed with some usual features that made for some rad runs:

Big Love Seat
The Extension - tile & pool coping
The Kicker - aka the launch ramp
The Tombstone - 15 feet top from bottom and 6 inches is set back from the back - very tricky

Contest  Format:

4 runs each
45 second runs,  skate until you fall
First wall rebate - clock resets
Best run counts
Top 3 finishers become 2017 PS select pros

Girls were scored on:

Difficulty of tricks
Style, speed, consistency, use of park
0-100 Judging scale
Best run counts

Some of the highlights were:

* Julz Lynn still ripping, even with a recent knee injury & dropping in off the tombstone
* Jordyn Barratt packed 7 tricks into the first 15 seconds of her 1st run
* Nora Vasconcellos - with a backside air while stylishly tweaking the tail out
* Lizzie Armanto pulled off an ollie off the tombstone
* Brighton Zeuner with a rad boneless on the tombstone & a 360 over the kicker
*A frontside 360 transfer onto the bank by Kisa Nakamura
* Nice foot plant off the tombstone and a 50/50 off the love seat by Yndiara Asp
* Tail grab Nose bump in the deep end by Allysha Le
* Nicole Hause with her HUGE stylish airs
* Bryce Wettstein making full use of deep end and every other part of the park

Julz did an INSANE drop in off the tombstone... and made it!

The top 3 girls here are guaranteed into the semi finals at any of the 2017 Vans contests and guaranteed a spot into the world championships next year.


1st   Brighton Zeuner
2nd   Jordyn Barratt
3rd   Kisa Nakamura

Allysha Le
Lizzie Armanto
Yndiara Asp
Nora Vasconcellos
Nicole Hause
Julz Lynn
Bryce Wettstein

Congrats Brighton - you are the new World Champion!!

Brighton's last run was the stuff champions are made of, in fact both Brighton and Jordyn showed that under pressure they are ones to watch, and don't count them out until the final runs are taken. Women's skateboarding has gotten very exciting to watch!

Huge thanks to Vans and The Boardr for an amazing event!

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