Do What You Love! Featuring Artist Priscilla Witte.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

all illustrations by Priscilla Witte

A pure case of doing what you love, and how it pays off.  Meet Priscilla Witte, she's California cool and she does rad illustrations for a living. She may have been born and raised in upstate NY, but once she moved to Southern California in her early twenties she fell  in love with the weather, the "you can be whoever you want to be" attitude, and the lifestyle, and her path was clear. Illustration and drawing was it.

You've probably seen her work in and around LA - on various walls in the arts district, or in places like Urban Outfitters, and rad coffee houses and cafe's in Venice.  Once you spy one piece of her work you will be on the hunt for more - guaranteed!

We are totally in love with all of her work, especially her skate art - like the pieces above that were done for Zefr Inc.

Make sure you check out her Tumblr  , and follow her on Instagram  @pcwitte for more radness!

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