Pro Skater Lizzie Armanto in New Vans Ad.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Teen Vogue / September Issue

Nice to see an ad in Teen Vogue Magazine featuring a female skater who is actually skating. Huge shout out to Vans for running a full page ad for the original Sk8-HI Vans with Lizzie Armanto in the September issue of the mag.

For people in the fashion industry, September is THE issue to be in - it traditionally has the highest circulation of any other issue, so it's great to see Lizzie showing readers that girls do shred.  Just to note, a full page ad in this particular magazine is not inexpensive. At all. So this was a big statement.

This kind of female skater support from a major company shows that girls skateboarding is making huge progress! Vans is paving the way!!


  1. Yes the Fall Issue with any major magazine circulation is a huge deal! AWESOME Congrats Lizzie!

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