Skateboarder Girls For Urban Outfitters X Dickies.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

all images via Urban Outfitters

Nice to see these rad girls featured on the Urban Outfitters blog this week, we know most of them from the Venice Girls Springtime Jam contest and they rip! Check out Alize Montes, Esperanza Cisneros, Josseline Marroquin, Tierra Cobb, Jade Dominique Reese, and Alonda Gonzales.

Here is our fav quote from Alize Montes in her article;

What do you hope for women in the future?

I hope that there’s no gender issues when it comes to everything, that it won’t matter if you’re a girl and you skate. I want everything to be equal. Everyone should be treated equally no matter what their gender. I really hope that happens. 

Check out all the girls that are featured on the Urban Outfitters x Dickies blog post right HERE


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  2. why are they making skating it a fashion ploy if i ever saw one, on dickies behalf

  3. you guys categorizing yourselves as "girl" skaters instead of just calling yourselves skaters is making it a gender thing about not segregate skating into little categorized groups one really gives a shit if you are a girl, boy, black,white we are all skaters ...stop with this pandering shit JUST SKATE


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