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Sunday, October 2, 2016

Lacey Baker Wins!
How the final scores looked for the Women's comp
The SLS Course
How the judging is calculated

Here are the results from tonight's Women's SLS Super Crown World Championships.

Big congrats to Lacey Baker for taking the win and $30,000, as well as a custom G-Shock watch!  During the best trick portion of the contest it was a battle between Lacey Baker, Leticia Bufoni, and Alexis Sablone right down to the end. And we have to give props to Leticia Bufoni for going for huge on her last trick - she took a HUGE slam during a frontside lipslide  gap to rail and we hope she is doing OK, as she wasn't able to make it to the podium. It was gnarly to say the least - the girl totally went for it.


1st    Lacey Baker
2nd  Leticia Bufoni
3rd   Alexis Sablone
4th   Mariah Duran
5th   Aori Nishimura
6th   Alana Smith
7th   Pamela Rosa
8th   Monica Torres

Stay tuned to watch the men's comp at

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