11 yr old Surfer Sabre Norris Makes Surfing History!

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Photo Darren Pateman
Photo Brett Costello - Isabella Nichols, Coco Ho, Sabre and Sally Fitzgibbons

At age nine, Sabre Norris set a world record  by being the first Aussie girl to do a 540 in skateboarding (and the 3rd girl in the world to accomplish this feat), but she isn't stopping there. Sabre is now officially the youngest surfer to earn a wildcard spot in a major Australian surfing event!

Eleven year old Sabre was given the "wild card" slot by promoter Sally Fitzgibbons to compete at the Sydney International Women's Pro. The word "given" should not be taken lightly, Sally Fitzgibbons is a top pro surfer herself and knows talent when she sees it, this young girl has earned her rightful place among surfers who are most times,  more than twice her age.

With surfing and skateboarding being included into the 2020 Olympics, is it possible that Sabre Norris, who will be 15 by then, will compete in both sports? We have four years to wait and watch, but with the records this young girl has been shattering, I wouldn't bet against her!

Go Sabre!

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