Female Skaters Show What They Think About Trump's Objectification of Women.

Friday, November 4, 2016

This video was sent to us this morning, and we felt with the election right around the corner, we needed to post. With our company name being "Girl is NOT a 4 Letter Word" I think you already know our position on the election and the comments Donald Trump has been making. Let's just say "We are with HER".

“Women Against Trump” a film for London-based skateboard company Hateboards directed by The Rig Out at B-Reel Films.

Hateboards officially launches this week selling a series of skatedecks whose undersides - the part that inevitably gets destroyed by flips and grinds - are plastered with the faces of celebrities and politicians we all love to hate. Just in time for the US Elections next week, the film launches the brand’s exclusive presidential deck “Despicable Donald Trump”.

B-Reel Films’ The Rig Out enlisted the UK’s fiercest young female skaters to tackle the presidential candidate’s objectification of women with some serious board bashing. #WomenAgainstTrump #SkateAgainstTrump #VoteAgainstTrump

The film features:

SAVANNAH KEENAN / Instagram / Twitter @savannahssk
SAM BRUCE / Instagram @sam_bruce_skates
GEORGIE WINTER / Instagram @gwinter3
PAULA VIIDU / Instagram @paulaviidu

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