Minna Stess & Leticia Goncalves Grab ATV Status at Exposure Contest.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Photo Ian Logan for Girl is NOT a 4 Letter Word
Photo Ian Logan

Ten year old Girl is NOT a 4 Letter Word team rider, Minna Stess, not only skated in all three events (bowl, street and vert) at the Exposure contest last weekend, but she placed in the top five for under 14 in all three. Minna took 1st in bowl, 3rd in Vert, and 4th in street. So that is what is known as an  "ATV" in skateboarding contests - a skater who skates all terrain equally well.

Leticia Goncalves came all the way from Brazil and took home ATV status for the 15 and up age group. Leticia showed the huge crowd what makes her such a favorite in Brazil, with her smooth, attacking style and consistency across all 3 events. The Brazilian ripper took home 2nd in vert, 4th in bowl and 7th in street.

Congrats Minna & Leticia!!

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