4 New Music Videos From Cash+David Featuring Female Skateboarders.

Friday, December 30, 2016

Elixir - Check out longboarders Soraya Zain & Mirella Menezes in this new music video from Cash+David . We love the intro by one of our fav downhill girls Tara Tate! Sit back, relax and be inspired.

Stormy Weather - Here's another one by Cash+David featuring skateboarders, Lacey Baker, Nicole Hause, Tara Tate, Soraya Zain, Mirella Maia, Die Hu, Jazzmen Chavez, Adrienne Sloboh, Noelia Velez, Maya Volpacchio, & Alisha Stevens.

Bloodsucker - with skaters Die Hu, Jazzmen Chavez,  and Alisha Stevens.

Interval Training - More great advice from downhill rebel Tara Tate ,and some skating by Adrienne Sloboh

Good stuff!

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