CASL Girls 2016 Championship Results - Bowl, Street, & Mini Ramp.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Girls Mini Ramp Champions
Girls Bowl Champions

Girls Street Champions
Girls Street Champions - continued
 All images via CASL

CASL had its season championships this weekend at Woodward West and here are the results for the Girls divisions. Congrats to all the girls for a great year of skateboarding and thanks to CASL for encouraging more girls to skate!

 Girls Mini Ramp Champions 2016:

1st place    Jordice French 
2nd place   Ella Myer
3rd place   Quinne Daniels

Girls Street Champions 2016:

1st place     Skyler Chadwick
2nd place   Ella Myer
3rd place    Briel Weingartner

Girls Bowl Champions 2016:

1st place    Ella Mter
2nd place   Quinne Daniels

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