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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Street Angel Artwork is the property of Jim Rugg

We have been a fan of Street Angel for awhile now, especially since Jesse started wearing our Girl is NOT a 4 Letter Word clothes to skate and fight crime, so we were REALLY excited to get a box of rad goodies from artist Jim Rugg that was filled with Street Angel books, comics, and more.

In case you missed our previous post -  Jesse “Street Angel” Sanchez is a homeless skater girl and the deadliest ninja  alive. She's a kung fu master on a skateboard, and a homeless orphan failing 8th grade. She’s 12 or 13 years old. No one knows for sure because no one knows when her birthday is, including her.   In Wilkesborough, Angel City’s worst ghetto, Jesse Sanchez fights ninjas, drugs, nepotism, and pre-algebra as — STREET ANGEL!

The book is a fun and great read - especially if you have a skater girl in your life and need a last minute Christmas gift!  Our copy arrived this week and we couldn't put it down.

To get your copy of the Street Angel book you can order from any of these three online listings:

You can also check out Street Angel on the web, Street Angel comics are posted online twice a week  which is an easy and FREE way to check out Jesse's adventures

If you are a Street Angel newbie - use this link to start the comic series from the very beginning

For the latest Street Angel news and updates check out:

Twitter: @jimrugg​
Facebook: JimRuggArt
Instagram: jimruggart
Tumblr: jimrugg

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