Saudi Women Skateboarding in This Music Video Clip.

Monday, December 26, 2016

We had to share this video and info from Carbonated TV this morning. So awesome!!

The nearly three-minute clip starts off with three niqab-clad women in black abayas getting into a car while a little boy takes the wheel – a jibe at the country’s notorious driving ban on women as well as the guardianship system, according to which women can’t travel without a male guardian.

Later in the video, however, the women can be seen skateboarding, dancing, playing basketball, enjoying bumper car rides, which is apparently the only way they can defy the country’s ultra-conservative (read: sexist) driving ban, despite men constantly reminding them they are not supposed to do all that.

The music video comes at a time when more Saudi women have started speaking out against gender discrimination in their country.

Great to see these women skateboarding!!

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