El Gato Classic - Generations Skate Contest.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Amelia Brodka
Nicole Hause
Bryce Wettstein
Jordyn Barratt
Brighton Zeuner
Poppy Starr Olsen
Amelia, Jordyn, Brighton, Poppy, Bryce - missing is Nicole
  Photos Ian Logan Photo

It was a great weekend at the El Gato Classic in Palm Springs! This year an added component was the Generations Skate Contest on Tony Hawk's vert ramp - which consisted of a legend, a pro, a girl and an AM skater to form 6 teams. The girls were ripping and it was a super fun event! Check out some of the pics of each girl above.

Bryce Wettstein was on Tony Hawks 1st place team, and overall for the girls scoring, Brighton came in first!

The results below are how the "team" as a whole placed, and also how each skater placed in their individual sections.

1st Place Team:  
Tony Hawk - 1st Legend
Tom Schaar - 2nd PRO
Bryce Wettstein - 6th Girl
Evan Doherty - 3rd AM

2nd Place Team:
Steve Caballero – 2nd Legend
Jimmy Wilkings - 1st PRO
Nicole Haus – 5th Girl
Travis Rivera – 5th AM

3rd Place Team:
Eddie Elguera – 4th Legend
Clay Kreiner – 3rd PRO
Brighton Zeuner - 1st Girl
Cash Money Kenton – 6th AM

4th Place Team:   
Kevin Stabb – 6th Legend
Mitchie Brusco – 4th PRO
Jordyn Barratt – 3rd Girl
Tate Carew – 1st AM

5th Place Team: 
Christian Hosoi – 5th Legend
Trey Wood - 6th Pro
Poppy Starr Olsen - 2nd Girls
Gavin Bottger  -2nd AM

6th Place Team:
Mike McGill – 3rd Legend
Bucky Lasek - 5th Pro
Amelia Brodka - 4th Girls
Nate Vernia - 4th AM

Huge thanks to Eddie Elguera, his family, and the El Gato team, for once again creating a unique and fun three-day event that brought together not only legends but pros, AMs and female skaters.

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