The New Season Of Camp Woodward Stars Meagan Guy!

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

CJ Collins, Meagan Guy and BerRonte Ramirez

Camp Woodward is back with a new season and it's better than ever!  Now in their 8th season, Woodward just released the first three episodes from Season 8 on their YouTube channel and will continue to release one episode every Monday, through June 2017.  The show features an all new crew. Three talented skateboarders, CJ Collins, BerRonte Ramirez and Meagan Guy spend the summer dialing in tricks and having a blast with pro skaters Mariah Duran, Jen Soto, Candy Jacobs, Paul Rodriguez, Manny Santiago, and more.

Seventeen-year-old Meagan Guy's trajectory in skateboarding has been nothing short of phenomenal these past two years. From entering Exposure's video contest in 2015 and winning herself a trip to compete at the Exposure Contest in Encinitas, CA, to skating The Berrics with some of the top female skaters in the world and landing on the podium, to nabbing a coveted spot as an alternate for the 2016 X-Games in Austin this past year, and now she is starring in the 8th season of Camp Woodward. Meagan is definitely someone to keep your eye on.

On Monday, Meagan's sponsors, friends, and family had a viewing party for her at a local restaurant near her home called The Broken Barrel, where they all watched her episode and cheered her on for the new season.

We caught up with Meagan after the party to find out what it's really like being at Woodward and how it feels being one of the new stars in a hit show.

Meagan, had you been to Camp Woodward prior to being on the show?

No, and I had been wanting to go since I was nine-years-old, so this was a dream come true! It was the best two weeks of my life!

What was your favorite part about filming the show? 

Oh man, there were seriously too many moments to pick just one! Having Manny Santiago working with me on tricks was a highlight for sure. I can't tell you what we worked on, you'll just have to watch the series to find out!

I also liked the entire cast and crew - the people who film, edit and create the show, are awesome and I really liked all of them - they were super cool. Plus spending two weeks filming with CJ and BerRonte was amazing.

What was your cabin like and who did you room with? 

The first week  I bunked with skaters, BMX and gymnastic girls. It was so cool to come back at the end of the day and hear about what everyone else was working on or doing during their day. We are all so different yet have similar goals and a passion for what we are doing. Being around people from all over the USA who do different things but all have a similar drive to excel is motivating. I could relate to them on another level even if I don't do their sport.  It gave me a new perspective and it was eye-opening meeting so many new people.

The second week Daisy, Erica and I moved into another cabin with Karley, Jordan, and Lily. So there were now girls who were working on creating digital media, music production, and gymnastics in my group. Woodward is set up to encourage interactions between groups, which I think is very cool. The digital media kids were filming the action sports people and the gymnasts so they could have a photo show, and the singers were practicing their songs to perform at the end of camp. It really just felt like it all connected really well and I made some great new friends. It was a really unique experience that Woodward provided me with.

How was it when Mariah Duran, Candy Jacobs and Jen Soto came to camp?

It was great - I got to skate with them all day, hang out, and they really made me feel like I belonged. The whole time we were skating we were all pushing each other, and every session was a memorable one. These are the ideal people you want to be around - the type that you want to skate with at all times. I feel extremely blessed that I get to skate with them and be a part of their lives, they are good people inside and out, and you just want to be around people like that.

Any particular episodes we should watch?

All of them, so many cool things happened and I don't want to give anything away but there are a lot of surprises for sure. I skate something that you wouldn't expect a street skater to skate - let's just say that as a "teaser". 

Any last words?

"Have fun, the moment you're not having fun skateboarding is the moment you're going in the wrong direction"

Catch all the action and see what Meagan, CJ and BerRonte are up to every Monday on Camp Woodward right  HERE

Big thanks to Woodward for the photos, video, and interview time with Meagan.

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