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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Yndiara Asp
Poppy Starr Olsen
Nicole Hause
Jordyn Barratt
Hanna Zanzi
Ariana Carmona
Bryce Wettstein
Kisa Nakamura
Brighton Zeuner
Allysha Le
Julz Lynn
Lea Taylor
Sarah Thompson

Gabrielle Brownfield

Nicole Noller

Olivia Black
Zoe Safanda
Sakura Yosozumi
Michelle Yoon
Dora Varella
Minna Stess
Bella Kenworthy
Isadora Pacheco
Relz Murphy

Maddie Collins

Karen Muto
Grace Marhoefer
Jordan Santana
Under 14 Podium, Zoe Safanda, Minna Stess, Isadora Pacheco with Mr. Steve Van Doren
15 and over podium - Dora Varella, Kihana Ogawa,  Sakura Yosozumi
Pro Podium - Jordyn Barratt, Nicole Hause, Poppy Starr Olsen

Champagne for the pro podium!
Last years Overall Winners - Nicole Hause, Minna Stess, Spencer Breaux, Leticia Goncalves

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This was probably one of the best Vans Girls Combi contests on record (in our book) - from the under 14 age group to the pros, the girls were really getting height, new tricks, making full use of the combi and having fun.

We were sorry to hear that some girls had to pull out due to illness and injury this year - seems that the flu and colds swept through last week's practice sessions like a banshee and took some girls out of the competition, and others fought through the tail end of illness to compete the day of.

Here are the results:

Pro Results:

1 Jordyn Barratt 18 Encinitas, CA $8,000
2 Nicole Hause 19 Stillwater, MN $4,000
3 Poppy Starr 17 Newcastle, Australia $2,000

4 Brighton Zeuner 12 Encinitas, CA $1,400
5 Arianna Carmona 18 Buena Park, CA $1,200
6 Yndiara Asp 19 Florianopolis, Brazil $500
7 Bryce Wettstein 13 Encinitas, CA $400
8 Lea Taylor 20 Huntington Beach, CA $250
9 Julz Lynn 24 Fullerton, CA $150
10 Allysha Le El Segundo, CA $100
11 Kisa Nakamura 17 Japan
12 Hanna Zanzi 25 Huntington Beach, CA
13 Maddie Collins 18 Portland, OR
14 Armar Hadid 18 Sydney, Australia
15 Sarah Thompson 19 Huntington Beach, CA

Girls Amateur 15 & Over:

1 Dora Varella 15 Sao Paulo, Brazil $1,000
2 Kihana Ogawa 16 Japan $600
3 Sakura Yosozumi 15 Japan $400

4 Gabrielle Brownfiel 23 Novelty, Ohio
5 Leticia Goncalves 19 Sao Paulo, Brazil
6 Paige LaBare 19 Costa Mesa, CA
7 Gracie Earl 20 Sydney, Australia
8 Nicole Noller 33 Denver, CO
9 Michelle Barnett 34 Newport Beach, CA
10 Olivia Black 16 Suffolk, VA
11 Leah Ho 15 Los Angeles, CA

Girls Amateur 14 & Under Results:

1 Zoe Safanda 12 San Rafael, CA
2 Minna Stess 10 Petaluma, CA
3 Isadora Pacheco 12 Florianopolis, Brazil

4 Karen Muto 10 Japan
5 Bella Kenworthy 10 Dana Point, CA
6 Michelle Yoon 14 Los Angeles, CA
7 Grace Marhoefer 13 Cocoa Beach, FL
7 Jordan Santana 13 Houston, TX
9 Rella Murphy 10 Oceanside, CA
10 Halle Gonzalles 14 Colorado Springs, CO
11 Charity Tahoe Smith 14 Truckee, CA

Many thanks to Vans,  Kristy & Steve Van Doren, Mario, Kathy,  WCS,  Dave Duncan for announcing, the judges, the staff and everyone who came out to support the girls yesterday - it was an amazing day!


  1. Gabrielle Brownfield invert with the lance mountain deck


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