The Mini Documentary On 11 yr Old Surfer Sabre Norris That Has Us In Stitches.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

FLYING DOUGHNUTS - Sabre Norris from Luke Farquhar 🇦🇺 on Vimeo.

Great mini documentary on 11-year-old surfer Sabre Norris and her siblings, Nazzie, Biggie, and Sockie on BeachGrind TV.  The Norris kids are as fun and crazy as they are on instagram - love that.  Be prepared to laugh a lot, at the kids just being kids and the stories Sabre tells about surfing, donuts and her good friend and pro surfer Stephanie Gilmore.

 Derek Rielly and director Luke Farquhar did an excellent job on this one!

We hope your days are as fun as Sabre's seem to be! 

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