Women's Finals Results + Photos From Bowl-A-Rama.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Sari Simpson
Jordyn Barratt
Brighton Zeuner
Poppy Starr Olsen
Amelia Brodka

Bowl-A-Rama, Bondi Beach, AU - The field was narrowed down to just five girls for the finals on Sunday and Sari Simpson, Jordyn Barratt, Brighton Zeuner, Amelia Brodka and Poppy Starr Olsen brought their "A" game. Gone were the nerves and mishaps they encountered the previous day and in their place were solid, technical runs with speed and perfect execution, that had the crowd on their feet cheering for each and every one of them.

Sari Simpson had even more speed whipping through the bowl than on the previous day - if that is even possible - she pulled off that disaster in the corner like it was nothing.  Amelia pulled off her Crail slide and every other trick she tried - smooth like the pro she is. Brighton was technical and stylish nailing it on every single wall with back to back tricks - an extremely well thought out line.  Poppy nailed her signature "fast plant" and was using the pool like her own personal playground. Jordyn Barratt had a run that was so perfect it had the crowd on its feet, hands in the air, cheering for her. Ultimately it was that perfect run that won her first place and a very large pink wrestling belt as her trophy!

We also loved seeing that Poppy, Nicole, and Hunter were out there doing the "highest air"  contest at the end of the event - way to go girls!


Jordyn Barratt        1st place
Brighton Zeuner    2nd place
Poppy Olsen          3rd place

We'd like to thank General Pants  Bowl-A-Rama, Frontside Productions, Bashful, Magnum & Co,  for having us. And special thanks to photographer Tiffany J. Williams for getting out there both days during practice and during the heats to get us these awesome shots!

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