GN4LW Crew Of Skaters Takes Over New Manhattan Beach Skatepark.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Kala Fernandez

 Photos Ian Logan

When we received a call from The Beach Reporter to see if some skater girls would like to skate the new Manhattan Beach Skatepark, we were all for it. We rounded up a small group of girls and headed over to skate the new park in private before it became open to the public this past Saturday. A private all girls session before a park opens is a rarity. We'd like to thank The Beach Reporter and the City of Manhattan Beach for making this happen.

Skaters are;  Kala Fernandez,  Stella Reynolds, Vianez Morales, Quinne Daniels, Kyra Williams, Leah Ho, and Minna Stess.

Hop over HERE to read the article and see the video by Daniella Segura from The Beach Reporter and see more photos from the day.

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