GN4LW Crew Takes Over The Streets Of LA During CicLAvia.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Leah, Zara, Vianez, Quinne, and Kala
The GN4LW crew

Kat, Kyra, Zara, Quinne, Leah, and Vianez
Skating makes you thirsty!
Kyra, Leah, and Zara
Vianez, Kat, Quinne
Thank you LA24!

 Photos Ian Logan

The Girl is NOT a 4 Letter Word crew had a great time taking over the streets of Los Angeles during the annual CicLAvia event this past Sunday. We were asked to be part of the LA2024 celebration and the girls wore LA24 angel tees, and four girls wore  specially made angel wings that were created in the LA24 colors. 

They skated 3.2 miles from Mar Vista to Venice Beach - straight down Venice Blvd. and had a blast! We stopped for lemonade along the way, took some pics in front of one of our fav stores Surfing Cowboys, and the girls cruised in and out of cyclists and down the middle of busy streets that cars are usually zipping down. When we got to Venice, we did a few photo ops with the LA24 social media team in front of the beautiful "Follow The Sun" mural they put up, and then the girls skated right into Venice Skatepark and started skating. A perfect way to end the session.

We'd like to thank LA24 for having us out, and a huge high five to the girls who participated yesterday.

Skaters are:  Zara Percy, Quinne Daniels, Kala Fernandez, Vianez Morales, Kyra Williams, Leah Ho, Lisa Kudra and Katheleen Folsom.

To learn more about LA24 and LA's bid for the 2024 Olympics - please visit their site HERE


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