Our Review Of Thrasher Magazine's Lizzie Armanto Interview & Cover.

Friday, March 31, 2017

 Thrasher Magazine     Photos Michael Burnett

What's not to love? A female skater on the cover of one of the most male-dominated skate magazines around. The fact that it's pro skater Lizzie Armanto makes it even that much sweeter. She graced the cover of Transworld Magazine this past November and has parts coming out in the new Birdhouse and Thrasher videos. She's been killing it on the contest scene for years and has endorsement deals like no other female vert rider. In a nutshell - Lizzie Armanto is leading the charge for women's skateboarding.

If the cover of Lizzie, her name in bold type, doing a method on a backyard ramp was the icing on the cake, the interview inside with Lizzie is the whole cake. Ten pages of photos and interview - that's a LOT. And it's not just "fluff" Lizzie talks about everything - no holds barred - the part about someone peeing on her skateboard was a direct example of how with anyone else that might have been an overshare, with Lizzie it was shedding light on the fact that women can do some awful shit to one another when they're jealous, and it's not cool.

You need a copy of this magazine. Correct that - you need more than just one. One to read and one to preserve and a couple for your neighborhood skater girls. Give them out and inspire other girls, let them read Lizzie's story and be able to relate to what she has gone through, where she's headed and what's next.

Girls skateboarding is here to stay and it just gets better by the day.

You can find Thrasher Magazine at skate shops near you or at Barnes and Noble Bookstores - just not the Barnes and Noble in Manhattan Beach because we bought every single copy they had.  Sorry!


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