The Vans Park Series Women's National Champion For Brazil Is Announced.

Friday, April 7, 2017

Dora Frontside Rock & Roll

Isadora Backside Air

Yndiara Frontside Smith Grind

Photos by Bryce Kanights / info via Vans Park Series & The Boardr

Fifteen-year-old Dora Varella wins the Vans Park Series Brazil National Championships for the Women’s division! Nineteen-year-old  Yndiara Asp took second and twelve-year-old Isadora Pacheco took third.

Dora will represent Brazil as she is pre-seeded into the Vans Park Series Americas Continental Championships in Huntington Beach, CA, securing her chance to be invited to the World Championships, to be announced later this year.

Congrats to all the girls who competed; Dora Varella, Yndiara Asp, Isadora Pacheco, Victoria Bassi, Bia Sodre,  Deise Reis, Camila Borges, Leticia Goncalves, Bruna Fernandes, & Djenefer de Britos Spohr.

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