Women's Results From Vert Attack.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

The girls were ripping today at Vert Attack in Malmo, Sweden. We saw some massive FS airs from Nicole Hause and some sketchy landings - that she totally pulled off!  Sky Brown with an air over the channel (and she's only eight!) and FS 540's, Allysha Le was on point with a frontisde invert over the channel and some nice mute airs, Arianna Carmona did a FS lipslide over the channel  that was rad to watch, Amelia Brodka threw down a stale fish that was styling, Kisa Nakamura started things off with some great amplitude and back to back tricks, and unfortunately Sarah Thompson got injured early on and was out of the competition - we hope she is doing OK.

Congrats to all the girls!


1. Nicole Hause
2. Kisa Nakamura
3. Allysha Le

4th Arianna Carmona
5th Sky Brown
6th Amelia Brodka
7th Sarah Thompson

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