12 Yr Old Surfer/Skater Sabre Norris Has A Great Response For All The Haters.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

We are huge fans of surfer/ skateboarder Sabre Norris from Australia, and we are not the only ones, she is a favorite of pro surfer Stephanie Gilmore and TV show host Ellen Degeneres just to name a few.

Besides being an amazing surfer (she's the 2nd youngest surfer to ever compete in a WSL event ) and in skateboarding, she is the first AU girl to do a 540 on vert, Sabre just has a rad style on and off the board, that is all her own.

With this crazy world we now live in where people can say anything they want about you on social media the question for everyone who is a target, seems to be "when you stand out, how do you navigate the nasty comments that come with the territory"?

Luckily Sabre has a great sense of humor, a good head on her shoulders and an awesome family to back her up and she's now just released this video addressing the issues she has faced, and she does it with humor, grace, and style.  Everyone could take a lesson from Sabre on this issue.

No one is going to get this little ripper down!

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  1. SABRE!!! I LOVE YOU!!! You are AWESOME, and I hope that you KEEP ON BEING AWESOME!!! Your enthusiasm is contagious, and I suspect that EVERYWHERE YOU GO YOU BRIGHTEN PEOPLE'S WORLD! The world needs MORE SABRES!!!! Keep on doing what you are doing and be an inspiration for everyone :)
    <3 Renae G.
    in California


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