"It's Not About Pretty" Girls Skate Jam At Kona Skatepark - Photos.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Mrs. Ramos - the lady who's been skateboarding the longest and thanks to her Kona Skatepark turns 40 this year!

Photo via Kona Skatepark

It's Not About Pretty books and posters for sale!
Elise Crigar - the amazing person who made all this happen for the girl's skateboard community.
Our own little shredder & team rider, Zoe Benedetto on a beautiful mural

 Photos by Renee Parenteau

Last night was the "It's Not About Pretty" Girls Skate Jam at Kona Skatepark in Florida, put on by our GN4LW ambassador and INAP book designer, Elise Crigar. Hundreds of people showed up to skate, listen to bands, watch mural's being painted, eat, drink and support the girls in the community that love to skateboard.

The most important thing about this night was that girls came from all over to skate with each other - it was an evening where they could find girls just like themselves doing what they love, make connections, and have fun.

We'd like to thank Elise Crigar for all her hard work and vision, Kona Skatepark for believing in this mission and opening their doors to this event, and of course all the musicians, artists, volunteers, food and drink companies who set up shop, skate & surf companies who donated product and everyone who came out to make this an awesome night.

These photos from our friend Renee Parenteau are a taste of how the evening went - make sure you use the hashtag #itsnotaboutpretty on instagram to see more photos and posts from this rad evening!!

And make sure you check out @girlisnota4letterword on instagram to  see a video from Kona Skatepark of the largest all girl snake run session that happened last night - amazing!!

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