Lacey Baker Is Kicking Ass.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Photo via Rolling Stone / Photo Griffin Lotz

The last time Lacey Baker made this big of a splash in the news media, it was about a year ago when she called out the male dominated skate industry for always sponsoring females who filled the perceived traditional role of "pretty" rather than going by skate ability, as they do with the guys. 

This time it's a bit different, with Lacey's new sponsorship with Nike SB, Lacey is speaking out not just about gender, and women's skateboarding, but mainstream sites like this new article on  are talking about just how much she kicks ass on a skateboard, and her back story - one which many people have not heard until now, as well as her Olympic aspirations. Nice to see and well deserved.

You can read the Rolling Stone article HERE 

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