The Female Rippers Of The Maryhill Spring Freeride.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Photo By Nwest Media
(if you choose to repost this shot please make sure to credit @nwest_media)

So many great action shots from the Maryhill Spring Freeride have been posted but we thought this particular image from Dustin at Nwest Media was pretty amazing too.

The photo Dustin took shows all 27 of the ladies that showed up to the Spring Freeride. They range in age eight to just over fifty! They include; longboarders, drift trikers, lugers, rollerbladers, world champion downhill racers and our dear friend Ali Johnson who is the badass female backbone of these events.

Just another amazing example of when people say "girls don't skateboard like that", you can point to this and say "like hell they do!"  

Thanks to Dean, Ali, Dustin and all the people who make the Maryhill Freeride so amazing, it is truly the most special event, with the nicest group of people around. 


  1. So awesome! You guys better start following Nora Manager, that girl is going places!


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