Which Female Street Skaters Have Been Invited to X-Games This Year?

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Photo via X-Games - 2016  Women's Street Gold Medalist-  Pamela Rosa 

This list is out!  These are the female street skaters headed to X-Games this summer!

Lacey Baker
Samarria Brevard
Julia Brueckler
Leticia Bufoni
Mariah Duran
Meagan Guy
Savannah Headden
Candy Jacobs
Gabi Mazetto
Aori Nishimura
Pamela Rosa
Alexis Sablone
Kate Shengeliya
Alana Smith
Jen Soto
Vanessa Torres
Kat Williams

Women's Park skaters must go to Boise, Idaho for a qualifier on June 9 & 10, where 20 girls will compete and just 4 will head off to the X-Games in July (plus a wildcard) to join last year's podium skaters - Kisa Nakamura, Lizzie Armanto and Jordyn Barratt.  For a total of 8 skaters.  See more HERE

Women's street skaters will do it a bit differently - the invite list is up and these 17 skaters listed above head straight to Minneapolis in July where they will qualify at the X-Games and those who make the cut will compete the next day.

More news to come!

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