Female Skaters At Iconic 70's Skate Spots - Paul Revere.

Monday, June 5, 2017

 Photos Ian Logan for Girl is NOT a 4 Letter Word

We're continuing our series of  taking female skaters to  iconic 70's Southern California skate spots and documenting it. We don't see enough of this and want to encourage more of you to get out of your local skatepark and do the same.

Just about everyone who follows 70's skate history has seen iconic photos taken at Paul Revere school. The famous black asphalt banked walls that mimic a wave have been immortalized in everything from Hugh Hollands book "Locals Only",  to the movie, Dogtown and the Z-Boys, as well as the pages of "Skateboarder Magazine" and of course Kent Sherwood's book "Jay Boy" featuring Jay Adams. 

We decided to take two of our favorite soul skaters to this iconic spot, let them loose and see how it went. Two hours later Elise Crigar and Sierra Prescott were still wanting more. From surf style rides acrosss the banked walls, to doubles runs in and under the volleyball nets, to bert slides all over the playground it was seriously a blast.

We encourage you to get out and explore, create, and inspire - you never know what you'll find or how the day will go.

And that's pretty bitchin'.   xx


  1. Hello to all the beautiful your female skaters out there. Fantastic photos. I was wondering if any one has thought about shooting the girls in vintage clothing on vintage boards in black and white? I think they would make for some interesting pieces. Thank you for everyone's hard work. Kudos! Brian

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