Pro Skateboarder Lacey Baker In A Stunning New Image For Pride Month.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

                          Image of Lacey Baker by Samuel McGuire - available HERE

Pro skateboarder Lacey Baker  & photographer Samuel McGuire worked together to create this beautiful image of Lacey skateboarding with smoke trailing behind her like a flag, that raises money for the victims of Pulse Orlando.

Here is what Samuel had to say about the project;

"I have wanted to photograph this image of someone skating holding this handmade flag of smoke flares Tom Vanderwall and I made for a while. With June being Pride Month, I wanted to sell prints during June to raise money for the 49 victims who were mercilessly gunned down June 12th in an Orlando night club."

"I was talking with Lacey Baker about the idea when she told me her friend had his coming out party at the club that night and luckily was one of the survivors however some of his friends weren't. I knew the photo had to be with Lacey and so we teamed up to make this photo. "

"Our goal is to raise $4,900 dollars for Pulse Orlando onePULSE Foundation foundation to help set up a memorial as well as many other needs for those affected."

"Be proud every month, but especially this month."

You can order a print now in various sizes starting at a 4x6 for $10.00 up to a 24x36 for $100.00 - all proceeds got to a great cause.

The print is now on sale at Big Cartel

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