X-Games Qualifiers Results - Women's Park.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Kihana, Brighton, Hanna & Poppy all move on to the X-Games in Minneapolis

Video replay of all the action today from Boise, Idaho

It was a very "hang onto the edge of your seat" kind of day at the X-Games women's park qualifier in Boise, Idaho today. First runs were kept pretty safe in most cases, to get a good solid number on the scoreboard. Hanna Zanzi riding with a cast on her arm, rode like it didn't even hinder her one little bit and immediately took the lead and held onto it for the first two runs, Brighton Zeuner had some falls but came back from it with a flawless run on her third try to upset Hanna for the win. Nicole Hause boosted some huge air, but in the end, it wasn't enough to get her into that top four slot to move onto the X-Games in Minneapolis. Poppy Starr Olsen looked solid w/back to back tricks throughout and took 4th place. This coming season competing in park is looking good for her.  And it was awesome to see Kihana Ogawa who was originally an alternate coming into qualifiers yesterday, take 3rd today and move onto the X-Games.

We have to give big props to eleven-year-old Minna Stess who was the youngest in the field of riders and had 3 great runs - her tricks were varied, her amplitude amazing (especially considering she weighs less than 75 lbs)  and coming from both a street and bowl background, she rides park like it's her own personal playground - Minna finished in 9th place and earned quite a few new fans in the process.


1. Brighton Zeuner          80.33
2. Hanna Zanzi                76.00    
3. Kihana Ogawa            75.33
4. Poppy Starr Olsen       74.00

The above skaters go onto X-Games in Minneapolis where they will join last years podium skaters - Kisa Nakamura, Lizzie Armanto & Jordyn Barratt


5. Allysha Le
6. Hunter Long
7. Yndiari Asp
8. Nicole Hause
9. Minna Stess
10. Bryce Wettstein
11. Dora Varella
12. Fabiana Delfino

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