Aori Nishimura Wins Gold At X-Games Women's Street Comp!

Friday, July 14, 2017

Aori Nishimura

Great to start off the event hearing Lyn-z Adams Pastrana commentating and seeing the girls who are competing in park tomorrow coming out to support their skate sisters!

A lot of the girls had falls on their first run which hurt their scores.  Alexis Sablone came close to a perfect run except for the small fall at the end. Meagan Guy used the entire course extremely well and stuck every trick during her first run and earned a great score in the process. Aori Nishimura was smooth and solid and had zero falls on her first run launching her into 1st place. Julia Brueckler packed in quite a few tricks and the judges rewarded her accordingly.

Second runs also had quite a few falls but some positions on the leader board changed. In the end, Leticia moved up to 3rd place and Aori held onto the lead to grab gold.  Pamela Rosa had an unreal run but it wasn't enough to get her on the podium this time.

Great contest and congrats to all the girls!


1. Aori Nishimura - GOLD
2. Samarria Brevard - SILVER
3. Leticia Bufoni - BRONZE

4. Pamela Rosa
5. Alexis Sablone
6. Julia Brueckler
7. Meagan Guy
8. Hayley Wilson
9. Vanessa Torres
10. Mariah Duran
11. Gabi Mazetto
11. Kate Shengeliya

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