Equal Prize Purse for Women & Men at Vert World Championships in Nanjing, China!

Thursday, July 6, 2017

All info via The Boardr

We are so stoked to see this!  The upcoming Vert World Championships being held September 6-9, 2017 in Nanjing, China will have equal prize money for both men and women competitors!

Event Location:   Nanjing, China, Sports Lab, No.888, Yangtze River Avenue, Jianye District

Dates: September 6-9, 2017

Where is Nanjing? Check it out on the map of China below. You can fly direct / non-stop from Los Angeles to Nanjing in about 14 hrs, although a more cost effective way is to select an airline that makes stops - and then cost will run about $600 USD (as of today - prices subject to change)

The $40,000 Prize Purse is as follows / $20,000 for men and $20,000 for women

1st: $5,000
2nd: $3,000
3rd: $2,000
4th: $1,500
5th: $1,500
,6th: $1,000
7th: $1,000
8th: $1,000
9th: $1,000
10th: $1,000
11th: $1,000
12th: $1,000

Contest Format is as follows:

Heats of eight
10 mins of warm-up between each Heat
Three runs, 30 seconds each, best counts

Top 12 Qualify for Finals
One Heat of 12
Four runs, 30 seconds each, best counts

Didn't receive an invite but would like to compete?  

Hit up The Boardr  to see about a "wild card" ASAP:   Help@TheBoardr.com

Vert World Championships Press Release From FIRS

This communication will provide our international membership with important details about the Skateboarding World Championship held during the Nanjing Roller Games.

The first-ever World Championship titles awarded by FIRS for Skateboarding will be for the discipline of Vert Skateboarding (halfpipe). At the exact location where skateboarding debuted in Nanjing as a part of the SportsLab during the 2014 Youth Olympic Games, a full-size vert ramp will be set up to serve as the “field of play.” The massive structure is 21m wide and 4.5m high, made from 22 tons of steel structure with a composite riding surface. This will be the stage for the best female and male vert skateboarders to contest the World Championships of Vert Skateboarding.

The event will unfold over a 4-day schedule beginning on Thursday the 7th of September. Registrations are available for 2 female and 2 male athletes from each member nation. In order to guarantee open and inclusive participation of riders around the world and field a comprehensive list of Vert’s elite athletes, FIRS will allocate Wildcards where needed.

Further communication will follow regarding contest format and exact schedule for the event.

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