Photos From The Vans Park Series Women's Continental Championships!

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Bella Kenworthy
Nicole Hause
Sarah Thompson
Hunter Long
Minna Stess
Lea Taylor
Paige LeBare
Spencer Breaux
Zoe Safanda
Dora Varella
Sierra Kerr
Pauline Branom
Maria Rojas Benavides
Jordan Santana
1st Dora Varella  2nd Spencer Breaux  3rd Minna Stess
 Photos Ian Logan for Girl is NOT a 4 Letter Word

Today's Vans Park Series Women's Continental Championships was fast and furious. There were three heats of girls which were quickly narrowed down to the 8 girls who made the finals plus the 3 girls who won in their respective countries (Brazil, Chile & Columbia) joining them.

We saw some hard slams today, but every single girl (even after a visit to the med tent) was right back out there skating their hardest. Some of the youngest were pushing the envelope by hitting almost every element in the park and varying up their runs every single time. Hard to do even if you're a veteran skater.

Great contest to watch - congrats to all the girls!

In the end, the results from the finals looked like this:

1st    Dora Varella - Brazil
2nd   Spencer Breaux - USA
3rd    Minna Stess - USA

4th     Nicole Hause  - USA
5th     Bella Kenworth  - USA
6th     Jordan Santana  - USA
7th     Sierra Kerr  - USA
8th     Lea Taylor   - USA
9th     Zoe Safanda  - USA
10th   Ana Marie Falla Toro - Columbia 
11th   Maria Rojas Benavidas  - Chile

Dora Varella will head off to China in September to compete in the Vans Women's Pro Park Series Championships!

Huge shout out and thank you to Vans and The Boardr for having us! 

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