13 Yr Old Brighton Zeuner Wins The Vans Park Series Women's Global Qualifier!

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Brighton Zeuner Wins Again!!

The Vans Park Series Women's Pro Tour Global Qualifier prelims were a battle until the end. Bryce Wettstein wowed the judges and the crowd with her jam packed run, which included an awesome 50/50 to fakie ,  Grace Marhoefer from Florida made it into the finals shaking up the status quo with smooth style, and back to back tricks. Kody Tamanaha surprised everyone with how much she has improved this past year and had OG legend Christian Hosoi at her side giving her calming advice.  The sad moment of the day was when Kisa Nakamura made the finals but had to pull out due to an injury. Lizzie Armanto came up from 9th place to take Kisa's place in the finals. Brighton Zeuner stayed in first place the entire time and Jordyn Barratt who is usually pretty consistent, bounced around score wise, but ultimately made the finals. Nora Vasconcellos always says she isn't a comp skater, but she showed that she was today - she looked calm and like she was having fun, run after run. Hanna Zanzi barely rode at the practice sessions this week and still showed us why she really doesn't need to, by making the finals easily.

The finals were just as exciting to watch with upsets happening right and left. To be sure, the old guard in women's skateboarding is changing fast. Jordyn picked herself up from 8th place to 4th and Bryce Wettsetein was hot on Brighton's heels every run. Nora placing 3rd was nice to see as we usually don't get to see Nora on the podium enough. Brighton took it away and is now officially on a roll, winning everything from the World Championships last year, to the X-Games, and now the Vans Park Series Global Qualifiers at age 13! 

Congrats to all the girls, and thanks to Vans & The Boardr for a great event!

In the end the results were:

Brighton Zeuner - 1st
Bryce Wettstein - 2nd
Nora Vasconcellos - 3rd

Jordyn Barratt- 4th
Hanna Zanzi - 5th
Kody Tamanaha - 6th
Grace Marhoefer - 7th
Lizzie Armanto - 8th

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