VPS Singapore Is This Weekend And 9 Yr Old Sky Brown Is Competing!

Friday, August 18, 2017

The Vans Park Series (VPS) takes to Singapore for the first-ever official park Asian VPS Continental Championships on Aug 18 and 19, boasting the best park terrain skateboarders from around Asia and serving as a gateway for regional talents to break into the VPS World Tour circuit. 

Held at Xtreme Skatepark along East Coast Park, the event will see a men’s and women’s category where the prospective winners of the competition will be seeded to compete in the World Championships held in Shanghai on Sept 23. 

There will be a vert bowl, combination bowl (park terrain) and street course linking together handrails, steps, hubbas, banks and organic terraces to form a comprehensive skate plaza.

Nine year old, instagram sensation, Sky Brown, will be one of the competitors you'll want to watch for. If she places first here, she will be included in the VPS World Championships in China on September 23. 

Stay tuned!

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