Did You Miss Last Nights VPS Championships? We've Got The Winning Runs.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Nora Vasconcellos showing what scored her 1st place in last nights VPS World Championships

Brighton Zeuner was still on podium and took a well deserved 2nd place

Kisa Nakamura holding onto to 3rd place and landing on the podium again this year!

With rain falling down throughout the day, the contest kept getting pushed later and later - the girls had been sitting and waiting on rain delays for over 6 hours when they finally got a chance to drop in and compete for the VPS World Championships. And even with no practice time, it was still a battle to the finish.

Lizzie, Brighton, Nora, Kisa and Jordyn battled back and forth but Nora kept holding onto the lead. Young upstart, Grace Marhoefer from Florida - who is new on the circuit, put together a sweet run and scored an impressive 5th place - while competing against some of the best park skaters in the world. Jordyn Barratt found her last trick on the final wall to be elusive last night, and couldn't quite land it, but had she done so, the top 3 scores would have all been closer for sure.

It was a great contest to watch, congrats to all the girls who skated, and to The Boardr and Vans for once again putting on an epic event!

Kisa 3rd, Nora 1st, Brighton 2nd - Photo Anthony Acosta for Vans


1st place   Nora Vasconcellos    87.07
2nd place  Brighton Zeuner       86.25
3rd place   Kisa Nakamura         83.52

4th place   Lizzie Armanto        82.82
5th place  Grace Marhoefer.      80.06
6th place  Jordyn Barratt           79.45
7th place   Kihana Ogawa         76.74
8th place   Yndiara Asp             72.26

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