Lacey Baker Wins The Women's 2017 SLS Nike SB Super Crown World Championships!

Friday, September 15, 2017

Lacey Baker Wins the Women's 2017 SLS Nike SB Super Crown World Championships!

Final Results

The first surprise tonight was when Pro skater Nora Vasconcellos came on the screen as one of the initial commentators for the Women's 2017 SLS Nike SB Super Crown World Championships. We think it's great to finally see pro female skaters join the male announcers at these events. Nora knows these girls well and can add commentary that might otherwise be overlooked. So great surprise! Our only comment is we'd like to see MORE women involved and at least one doing commentary from the booth discussing each skaters run!

In round one, Samarria Brevard got things going with a flawless run - starting out with a kick-flip down the big set, Pamela Rosa & Aori Nishimura both fell on their first trick but recovered nicely throughout the rest of their runs.  Mariah Duran also fell on her first trick and later fell a couple more times, but as Chris Cole said - "she has the tricks, she just needs to make them".  Vanessa Torres had a bit of a rough first run with a few falls, but as usual, she had some great style. Alexis Sablone had a fall early on but recovered nicely and ended her run with a smith grind and a board slide right at the buzzer. Leticia Bufoni put together an awesome run and had just one fall towards the end, landing her in 1st place - for the moment. Last but not least, last years winner, Lacey Baker, dropped in and absolutely killed it with a flawless run with some highly technical  tricks and took the lead away from Leticia.

Round two had Lacey and Leticia battling it out - Leticia had a flawless run and matched Lacey's first run score. Lacey fell straight off, but threw done some technical tricks to get her back on track and received a 6.7 which was just .1 higher than Leticia's first run score. Lacey edged back into first place with the slimmest of margins as all the skaters headed into the "Best Trick" section of the comp.

Best Run was the part of the evening that had you on the edge of your seat,  the leader board kept changing and you never knew who was going to end up on podium. Now that's a great contest! Lacey lost her lead and Aori was now in second, Pamela Rosa was battling both of them to stay in the top three.  Lacey then moved from 4th into second - with one run left for each skater. Mariah then moved into 2nd as we moved down to the final 3 skaters. Leticia kept her lead - which was a solid one -  but at the very end Lacey scored an 8.7 to take the lead and win first place!

It was an exciting contest to watch and now Lacey is a 2x SLS Champion with back to back wins!  Huge congrats to Lacey!!

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