Nora Vasconcellos Leading As Women Head Into The Finals at VPS China.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Nora Vasconcellos  / Photo Joanne Barratt

Due to weather conditions in Shanghai, China - the decision was made to hold the women's semi-finals today and the finals on Saturday. Originally both parts of comp were slated to be live on Saturday.

Results from Friday's semi-finals  (which took place late Thursday PM if you are based here in the USA)

SKATER                                    SCORE

1. Nora Vasconcellos                   91.47
2. Lizzie Armanto                        84.38
3. Grace Marhoefer                      84.33
4. Jordyn Barratt                          84.19
5. Kisa Nakamura                        83.44
6. Brighton Zeuner                      82.93
7. Yndiara Asp                             82.73
8. Kihana Ogawa                          79.12

9. Bryce Wettstein                        75.22
10. Dora Varella                           73.60
11. Poppy Starr Olsen                   72.31
12. Hanna Zanzi                           69.62
13. Amelia Brodka                       68.58
14. Kody Tamanaha                     68.33

The Vans Park Series World Championships FINALS are taking place LIVE from Shanghai, China on Saturday September 23 and will be broadcast in English, Portuguese, and Mandarin.

If you are in LOS ANGELES you can see it LIVE on FRIDAY, 9/22 at 8:00 PM PDT

NEW YORK - The Women's event will be LIVE for you guys on FRIDAY at 11:00  PM EST

Watch the action go down HERE on RED BULL TV

 All info via The Boardr and Vans Park Series

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  1. Hope they win the semifinals and reach the finals. But why the weather conditions got so worst in China in just a blink of an eye? Now I have to catch this match on Tv :(


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