The Women's Finals Of The VPS World Championships Are Tonight - Tune In!

Friday, September 22, 2017

The women's semi-finals were held yesterday, due to possible weather issues today, and as the semi's wrapped up under dark skies, Nora Vasconcellos landed herself in first place as we head into the women's finals tonight in Shanghai, China.

Check out this sweet video of Nora giving you a preview of the course and what you might see going down tonight.

Want to see how this amazing park was built? Check out this video and be blown away!

Skaters in Women's VPS Finals Tonight:

Nora Vasconcellos                  
Lizzie Armanto                       
Grace Marhoefer                     
Jordyn Barratt                         
Kisa Nakamura                       
Brighton Zeuner                     
Yndiara Asp                            
Kihana Ogawa                         

The Vans Park Series World Championships FINALS are taking place LIVE from Shanghai, China on Saturday September 23 and will be broadcast in English, Portuguese, and Mandarin.

If you are in LOS ANGELES you can see it LIVE on FRIDAY, 9/22 at 8:00 PM PDT

NEW YORK - The Women's event will be LIVE for you guys on FRIDAY at 11:00  PM EST

Watch the action go down HERE on RED BULL TV

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