Calleigh Little Is Skateboarding Across The USA Today & We're Totally On Board.

Monday, October 9, 2017

We are proud to announce that Calleigh Little is our very first Girl is NOT a 4 Letter Word Micro Grant recipient and we couldn't be more stoked! This young woman has been a fixture in the longboard and downhill scene for quite awhile, so when she approached us for a little help with her upcoming cross country skate, we jumped at the opportunity to support this awesome dream she has of skateboarding from Bend, Oregon to Boston, MA.

Calleigh's route

This will be a solo skate - in fact her cross country journey is entirely unsupported - there is no car following her, no shelter provided, and her own determination will pushing her to complete it.

You can follow Calleigh's progress ----> HERE on her "Ride with GPS" app she's looking at having to complete about 3,324.1 miles on her skateboard.

Calleigh knows just how strong she is and what she can achieve, "Just because I’m a transgender girl, I’ve never let anyone tell me I couldn’t accomplish what I wanted to. Gender has been important to me on my own individual level, but in the bigger picture, it’s never stood in the way of my dreams. I entered my first Ultraskate in 2016 and stood proudly on the women’s podium in second place with 172 miles skated in 24 consecutive hours."

This weekend (as a little warm-up) Calleigh participated in The Bend Beatdown event which took place in Oregon, and she took 1st place in the women's 5K, 10K and 25K races!  A full sweep!!

Calleigh took 1st place in 3 events in Oregon this weekend / photo David Prather

Starting today,  Calleigh is heading out to try and set some serious records:

*First Transgender Person to Cross the USA by Gravity Powered Travel
*First Woman to Skateboard Across the Country Solo
*Fastest Known Time Skateboarding Across the USA

A film crew funded by CNN, is covering her skate all the way from Oregon to MA for "Great Big Story" so we will keep you updated on when her story will air.

Her sponsors for her cross country skate include:

Newton Trucks
Orangatang Wheels
Orginal Skateboards
Battle Balm
Girl is NOT a 4 Letter Word

Folow Calleigh on:

Go Fund Me:

We think what Calleigh is doing is very cool, and we hope you will follow her on her blog Skate Cross Country and perhaps donate a little something to her GO FUND ME campaign  because every little bit helps!

 Go Calleigh!

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  1. Lots of love to Calleigh. More power to her and all the people who are trying everyday and pushing themselves to do better and better.


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