Queenie Wahine - A Book That Inspires Girls To Surf!

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Queenie Wahine by Ashley Noris and Jess Lowcher

We just received a copy of the book "Queenie Wahine - litle surfer  girl" from Tribe of Daughters, and loved it!  From the positive and encouraging storyline, written by Ashley Norris, about a young girl getting over her fear of the ocean and surfing,  to the beautiful illustrations done by Jess Lowcher, this is an awesome book for anyone who knows a little surfer girl.

Tribe of Daughters is getting ready to publish another book about a young girl who skateboards - so we will keep you posted on that too!

In the meantime you can order your copy of QUEENIE WAHINE on the Tribe of Daughters site right ---> HERE

Let's support women and companies who are encouraging our young girls to be fearless! 

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