The OG Jam Ladies Division Is Killing It!

Monday, October 23, 2017

Jessie Frietez
Tracie Garacochera
Julie Goforth
Erin Wolfkiel
Amy Bradshaw
Jessie Frietez

The OG Jam put on by Heidi Lemmon & Jeff Greenwood has been going strong for 6 years now, and even has a "25 and over" ladies division that is kicking ass!  This past weekend the OG Jam took place at SkateLab in Simi Valley and as usual, these ladies were ripping.  Just check out the photos above, that photographer Chris Hooten was nice enough to take, and allow us to run.

Ladies Results from Skatelab:

1st place      Erin Wolfkiel
2nd place    Jessie Frietze
3rd place     Berit Winkles
4th  place     Amy Bradshaw
5th place     Julie Goforth
6th place     Tracie Garacochera

The next OG Jam Bowl Contest will take place at The Yard in Palm Springs on November 18, 2017.  The Yard is a rad clover pool that is a blast to skate - not everyone gets to skate here,  so this is a great time to add this to your list of "rad places you have skated".

The Yard in Palm Springs, California

Come on out as it's a fun time and people are really nice - We need more women out there skating at these comps!!

It's FREE to enter, but a small donation to help cover electricity etc. is greatly appreciated.

Hop over to the OG Jam site and sign up! And make sure you follow their Facebook page for all the updates and photos.


  1. Thank you Cindy! Our ladies division is finally taking off because of these gals!!! They show up and shred. We need to make 2 divisions for them.Hope to see you at the yard too.


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