Tom Petty Was Supporting & Featuring Female Skateboarders Back In 1989.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

After hearing the sad news about music icon Tom Petty yesterday, it only seems right to post his popular 1989 "Free Fallin'" video. Why? Because Tom was way ahead of his time and was all about featuring girls in skateboarding long before it was popular in mainstream media to do so.

This video features a female skateboarder dropping into a half-pipe (at about 3:00 into video). Her name was Devon Kidd (Devon Jenkin now) she was from Manhattan Beach, California and she spent 2 days filming the video in the San Fernando Valley area with Tom Petty, pro skateboarder Mark "Gator" Rogowski and his girlfriend Brandi McClain.  After the video, Devon went on to become a professional downhill skateboarder.

RIP Tom and thank you for showing a female skater dropping in and actually skating - way back in 1989!

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  1. Being an adrenaline junkie this skateboarding event is must attend I have been trying to work on my skating speeding im hoping to learn a thing or two from this event


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