We Have The Premeire Of "The Daughters Of Doom" Skate Film.

Friday, October 20, 2017

Ava Godfrey, Hayley Wilson and Charlotte Heath

Hayley Wilson, Ava Godfrey and Charlotte Heath
The girls with filmer Eliza Cox

Girl is NOT a 4 Letter Word is extremely proud to present the documentary film, The Daughters of Doom, by 28 year old filmmaker Eliza Cox, who wrote, directed and edited it.  Unless you caught the film playing in Australia at film festivals, this is your first chance to see this awesome short documentary about three young skaters girls in Australia.

We caught up with Eliza fresh off of the Heart of Gold Film Festival, where the documentary was shown last week to large crowds, to ask her some questions about "The Daughters of Doom".

Can you tell us how you originally became interested in skateboarding?

My friends and I built our own skateboards when we were about 17. But we never stuck to it. I broke my leg and my back soon after we built them, and they’ve never fully recovered - which means skating isn’t an option (though I sometimes have a sneaky push around!). There also wasn’t much support for girl skaters, so through this film I wanted to explore the current skating environment.

 What made you decide to create this awesome film that portrays girls in a strong way?

 I’ve always been so impressed by girls dominated traditionally ‘male’ sports - whether its football, surfing, or skating. Last year I saw a girl at the skate park at the end of my street. She was the only girl, surrounded by guys and absolutely shredding. But I was most impressed by the fact that she looked about my age. I began thinking about why I hadn’t stuck with skating and wanted to know more about today’s girls scene.

How did you come up with the great name for your documentary?

It’s a contest mentioned by one of the girls in the film. When I heard it I couldn’t resist the title! I emailed the ladies at the contest and they okay’d the name for me to use - so amazing of them, and I’m so grateful!

Who are the skaters featured in your film? 

Hayley Wilson, Ava Godfrey and Charlotte Heath. All of them are killing it, and filming was tons of fun.

Has the film been in any film festivals as of yet?

It’s been selected for two Queensland festivals - Heart of Gold International Film Festival, and Noosa International Film Festival. It was my graduating film and I received the 2016 graduate award for female direction. It was also nominated for best cinematography.

What's next after this - as the film has been so well received?

I’m currently shooting a feature skate doc - which I can’t talk too much about just yet!

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