Samarria Brevard is Killing it!

Monday, December 4, 2017

If you've missed what's been going on this past week, let us fill you in. But fair warning, this may take a while.

Pro street skater Samarria Brevard has been absolutely killing it this month. First the announcement that she was joining the Enjoi team (she's the only female skater on it!) to the next announcement of a Samarria Brevard Enjoi Pro model (available  ---> HERE !) to the news that she joined Lacey Baker on the Bronson Speed Co. team. Oh yeah, she also can be seen in Panda Patrol - Epsiode 3 "Breaking Bad".

We are so stoked about all this , that we have compiled all the recent videos featuring Samarria here, so you can be late to school, work or whatever and watch them over and over. Well worth it. Promise.

Congrats Samarria!

Samarria and her new Enjoi Pro Model.

Samarria in Panda Patrol: Episode 3 "Breaking Rad"

Samarria and Lacey Baker in Bronson Speed Co.  "Welcome to the Team" video

Samarria with the Enjoi team on Thrasher "King of the Road" show - where it all started!

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