2018 Resolution - Try New Things - We Love This One!

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

What could be a better way to start off the New Year then by attending a longboard camp with Kate Noynova? Oh wait - did we mention you get to do it in Portugal? YEP.

Today you can learn anything online, and longboarding is no exception. But instead of watching Youtube tutorials,  imagine T H I S!

A week long escape to a charming coastal town in Portugal. Sun, waves, and surfing. Family-like atmosphere. Spacious house with a fruit garden and vista upon the valley…

The first longboard dancing & freestyle community in Portugal ‘Longboarding Days and Nights’ invites you to join their Longboard Camp from April 22-29 with Kate Voynova (yes-yes, THAT Kate!) who is a special guest and full-time instructor.

Together they created a fun, but pretty intense program, with a whole lotta skating, surfing and functional training. The goal is to enjoy, learn and connect, but also build a stronger and healthier self.

Yeah, that's Kate - a badass Russian longboarder  who is also a team rider for Pepper Boards, Paris Trucks, Orangatang Wheels and an ambassador for both Sony & Nike.

The camp is open for women and men, 18+. Beginners and confident riders are truly welcome.

We're sold - Sign us UP!!

You can find all the details on their website HERE

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