Nina From The Skate Kitchen Has Something To Say About Being a Female Skater.

Friday, January 5, 2018

Another brilliant TEDx talk by a female skateboarder - this time it's 20 year old Nina Moran from The Skate Kitchen crew in NY.

Tune in and have a listen - grab your daughter, girlfriends, your mom and any other female you know and get them to listen too. This is REAL talk by a female skater about what it's like to be the only girl learning to skate at the skatepark, and why having girls to skate with matters.

Nina delves into gender equality, not just in skateboarding, but also what it's like when you find out you get paid less than they guy next to you at work.  She's smart, direct and funny - and there are so many takeaways from Nina's TEDx TEEN talk that you'll need to watch it a few times! PROMISE.

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  1. I love how she is so strong and I wish I could skate with her


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