Olympic Snowboarder Kelly Clark's New Book "INSPIRED".

Monday, January 8, 2018

Pro snowboarder Kelly Clark is a BADASS. At 33 years old she has been in four Olympics already, she has won three Olympic medals and is the winningest athlete in snowboard history - male or female.

From her new book "Inspired" (which we can't wait to read)  to her recent deal with Kelloggs Special K Cereal and her newest commercial with BOSE, there is no stopping snowboarder Kelly Clark. This woman has been a fixture on the USA Snowboard scene for many years, and each year she seems to just get better and better. 

Get your hands on her new book - it's more than an autobiography, it's lessons for LIFE.

About the book INSPIRED by Kelly Clark:

Everyone can measure their lives in a number of days, weeks, or even years. For me, I measure my life in intervals of thirty seconds; everything hinges on these sets of thirty seconds. Thirty seconds will determine whether I am seen as a “winner” or just another athlete who missed the mark that day. What most people don’t see, is that for every thirty seconds of my life put on display before hundreds of thousands of people, there are years of preparation behind the scenes. It’s those years of hard work, motivation, and preparation that determine how these thirty seconds will go.

Over the years, thirty second intervals have encapsulated highs and lows, successes and failures. Through it all, I have found the one constant in my life is that nothing is constant. The pages of this book are an invitation for you to come in and enjoy these snapshots in to my life, career, and pursuit of progress. I hope you are challenged and inspired to go on a journey of your own.

You can order a copy via Amazon ---->  HERE

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