Women's Skateboarding 2017 - A Year In Review.

Monday, January 1, 2018

We thought last year was awesome for women in skateboarding, but this year surpassed any other with a record number of women turning pro for traditionally male dominated skate teams, a huge amount of girls & women (166 competitors!) coming out to compete at Exposure Skate, the launch of  "It's Not About Pretty" the first hardback book on women's skateboarding, and numerous women's skate comps having a live web feed, so people all over the world can tune in  (finally!).

Those are just a few of the 2017 highlights - read on for more!

Happy New Year and keep pushing hard!


Jordyn Barratt wins Vans Combi and soon after gets on Powell Peralta!

Vogue Japan features longboarder Ko Hyojoo in a beautful video filmed in Los Angeles

The new season of Camp Woodward stars Meagan Guy!

Dora Varella joins team Hosoi

Lacey Baker's new "My World Part" up on Thrashers website is a great way to launch the year off

Vans Girls Combi has Jordyn Barratt in 1st, Nicole Hause in 2nd and Poppy Starr Olsen in 3rd

Transworld announces the 9 female skaters who are up for their Readers Choice Awards 

The El Gato Classic features a "generations" skate contest and invites 6 of the top female pros to compete

Nora Vasconcellos stars in Welcome Skateboards new video "Fetish"

Poppy Starr Olsen is included in Forbes "Women in Sports to Watch in 2017" 


We launch "It's Not About Pretty" the first hard cover book about women's skateboarding and it gets rave reviews from Teen Vogue, Forbes, ESPN and more!

The AU Bowl Riding Championships had a record number of girls competing (17) and Poppy Starr Olsen takes 1st, Amelia Brodka 2nd and Shanae Collins in 3rd.

Snackable TV did a short video with Nora Vasconcellos

11 yr old surfer/skater Sabre Norris had a mini doc released that was hysterical (as always)

Fashion x Skate becaomes huge - with Supreme doing a collab with Louis Vuitton and another with Vans shoes, and Thrasher Magazine suing H&M for riffing off their iconic logo

NBC does a feature on the women's skateboarding non profit GRO, and our team rider Zoe Herishen is featured!

Bowl-a-Rama in AU has Jordyn Barratt in 1st place, Brighton Zeuner in 2nd and Poppy Starr Olsen in 3rd

Lizzie Armanto teams up with Tony the Tiger  for a special Cinnamon Frosted Flakes launch

Pro skater Yndiara gets some love from watch company Baby G

India's rapidly growing female skate scene is featured in a new music video for the band  Wild Beasts


Lizzie Armanto not only gets her own Pro model with Birdhouse, but also gets featured on the cover of Thrasher and a 10 page interview - copies fly of the shelves.

Old Navy features female skaters (including old school pro Mimi Knoop) skateboarding in dresses in its latest commercial 

The GN4LW crew takes to the streets of Los Angeles for Ciclavia while representing LA24

70's skater Laura Thornhill gets profiled on Lenny.com 

The Shins do a music video featuring Samarria Brevard and Savannah Headden

The GN4LW crew takes over the new Manhattan Beach Skatepark before opening day for a shoot with The Beach Reporter. 

Etnies does a short video featuring Samarria Brevard and Savannah Headden

AU surfer/skater Sabre Norris takes over the red carpet for Ellen Degeneres at the Kids Choice Awards.

Venice skater, Vianez Morales, stars in a new campaign for Justice Clothing. 

We have our very first "It's Not About Pretty" book signing party at Flower Child Restaurant in Santa Monica and people can't wait to get the skater girls autographs.

Sky Brown becomes the newest "Citizen of Skateistan"

Peeta and Relz from The Pink Helmet Posse are all featured in Target's new active campaign. Kala Fernandez is featured riding BMX rather than her skateboard.


Lacey Baker joins the Nike SB Team and girls everywhere get stoked!

Vogue.com does a rad piece on street skater Lacey Baker.

Our founder, Pro 70's skater Cindy Whitehead, does a "California Dreamin'"campaign for Mazda and their Zoom Zoom Magazine.

Lizzie Armanto's "Fire" part for Thrasher Magazine comes out and it's bitchin'

It's announced that 70's skaters Kim Cespedes and Vicki Vickers will be this years  inductees into The Skateboarding Hall of Fame.

The Las Chicaz Crew appears on fashion maven Sophia Armoruso's Nasty Galaxy website with badass photos from their latest desert road trip.

Urban Outfitters releases 4 videos featuring 13 female street skaters.

Vert Attack in Sweden has Nicole Hause taking 1st, Kisa Nakamura in 2nd and Allysha Le in 3rd.

Pro skater Hanna Zanzi is featured in "Mano a Mano" going head to head with Kevin Kowalski

The Bronx based Brujas Crew of skaters appears in Vogue Magazine

60's skater Patti McGee and the NY based Skate Kitchen Crew appear in Glamour Magazine

 The first Lifetime "Fempire" Moments featuring GN4LW and Sky Brown launches on National TV.


Poseiden Foundation throws an all girls session at The Berrics and so many awesome skaters show up! 

Kona Skatepark in Jacksonville, Florida helps our designer Elise Crigar, throw an awesome "It's Not About Pretty" book launch party and all girls skate session! Photographer Renee Parenteau covers the action for us.

12 year old AU surfer/skater Sabre Norris releases a video putting all the "haters" in their place - and we have to applaud her for standing up for not only herself, but all girls out there. Good one Sabre!  RESPECT.

Elton John selects a female skater (Sidney Allison) to be in his remake of the famous "Tiny Dancer" video

Soul skater and INAP book designer, Elise Crigar goes on the TV show THE CHAT to talk about the new all girls "It's Not About Pretty" skateboard  book and the upcoming all girls skate event at Kona Skatepark she is throwing

Soul skater Sierra Prescott starts skating for Under Armour - which we think is pretty awesome news!

The Maryhill Spring Freeride has 27 ladies who show up to skate - we love these badass downhill girls!

Lacey Baker is featured on RollingStone.com talking about gender equality, her backstory and her Olympic aspirations


A new commercial for GOT MILK features California skaters Bella Kenworthy, Vianez Morales and Stella Reynolds.

The X-Games has their women's park qualifiers in Boise, Idaho and GN4LW team rider Minna Stess, is the youngest competitor at only eleven years old and kills it!

Lacey Baker is nominated for an ESPY award & Lizzie Armanto is up for 2 Nickelodeon Kids Choice awards.

Nike SB puts out a short video on  Nike SB team rider Lacey Baker 

Jordyn Barratt breaks barriers by becoming the only female skater at the Long Beach Dew Tour stop where she competes with the guys.

Lacey Baker and  photographer Samuel McGuire release a stunning new image of Lacey for Pride Month that raises money for the victims of Pulse Orando.

Instagram posts a photo of Lizzie Armanto on its insta page and shares an "instagram story" and the numbers of "likes" are off the charts!


The annual "Ladies Day Skate Jam" at Venice Skatepark was awesome - so many girls came out to skate and meet pro skater and X-Games medalist, Jordyn Barratt.

Sky Brown is featured in Marie Claire Taiwan's video shredding through the city.

Brighton Zeuner joins team Red Bull

GN4LW team rider Zoe Herishen stars in a new Revlon Commercial and ends up with her picture, larger than life, in Times Square!

Thirteen year old Brighton Zeuner becomes the youngest athlete to ever win X-Games gold when she takes the win in Women's Park in Minneapolis. Jordyn Barratt takes second and Poppy Starr Olsen is third.

Aori Nishimura wins gold at X-Games Women's Street Comp. Samarria Brevard takes silver and Leticia Bufoni takes bronze.

Lyn-Z Pastrana is the analyst at the X-Games - and women are stoked to have this pro skater weighing in!

We take a road trip and launch our GN4LW "Freedom to Find" lookbook with photographer Elise Crigar at the helm, with skaters Zara Percy, Kala Fernandez and Amanda Caloia shredding through So. Cal.


Mainstream clothing company TomboyX, sponsors pro skater Hunter Long to go to the Vert World Championships in Nanjing, China.

Nora Vasconcellos turns pro for WELCOME Skateboards and they reaease a badass pro model that every skater around wants to get their hands on.

Elle Magazine features the Skate Kitchen crew in a fashion x skate editorial spread - what's not to love? 

Nine year old Quinne Daniels reps Airwalk in video and print ads, and shows up in Disney's new "Dream Big, Princess" commercials.

The Macy's "back to school" commercial featuring four female skaters is everything!!


Birdhouse launches its new full length skate film SATURDAYS and Lizzie Armanto's part is AWESOME! 

Leticia Bufoni gives us a look inside her personal backyard skatepark in a new video

The Vans Park Series Championships held  in China shakes up the staus quo - Nora Vasconcellos takes 1st, Brighton Zeuner 2nd, and Kisa Nakamura in 3rd.

 Lacey Baker stuns the crowd by taking her second (and back to back) Nike SB Super Crown.

Alexis Sablone joins the WKND team

Poppy Starr Olsen brings home the gold for Australia, Arianna Carmona takes the silver for the USA and Amelia Brodka brings home the bronze medal for Poland at the first ever, Vert World Championships in Nanjing, China.

The Santa Cruz "Lady Lurkers" crew star in a new GAP Commercial. 

Vans launches a collab with legendary fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld.


We premeire the AU video "Daughters of Doom" skate film on our site and it's a huge hit!

Pro-Tec launches Brighton Zeuner's "Welcome to the Team" video - and it's rad

Queenie Wahine - a surf book for young girls comes out and we love the story and the illustrations.

The OG Ladies Jam is going strong and the 25+ category of ladies are killing it!

Downhill skater, Calleigh Little, becomes the 1st Transgender woman to skate from coast to coast and has the media at attention with every push she takes
 Outside Magazine puts Brazillian skater Dora Varella on its cover


Nike SB launches the first skate shoe made just for women. Finally a shoe built on a "women's last" so it fits us perfectly!

Musician Gin Wigmore launches a video for her new song "Cabrona" and it features GN4LW skaters; Emma Houle, Kyra Williams, Zara Percy, and Amanda Caloia

Nine year old skate sensation, Sky Brown, teams up with Pride Socks to launch a sock that supports children in Cambodia

GN4LW team rider Poppy Starr Olsen stars in the INXS REKICKED "Mystify" video and it's pretty awesome!

Exposure Skate cements itself as the largest all female skate contest in the world - 166 female skaters from all over the world show up in Encinitas, California to compete in both the Pro & AM divisions - and photographer Joanne Barratt covers the action for us

Leticia Bufoni goes Pro for Plan B Skateboards!


Adidas Skateboarding launches the mini doc "Nora" to rav reviews

I-D puts out a short video about U.K. skater Rianne Evans - and it's nice to see the U.K. women's skate scene get some love

Tanvi Jagadish from India gives a TEDx talk about being India's first stand up paddler and surfer,  it's a TEDx talk that's well worth playing on repeat

Street skater Samarria Brevard turns pro for Enjoi Skateboards becoming the first female skater on the team

It's been a pretty rad year - here's to 2018 and MORE "firsts" in women's skateboarding!

Happy New Year!! 

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