HISTORIC!! Women To Receive Same Prize Purse As Men At Combi!!

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Photos by Joanne Barratt & Ian Logan / Skaters Yndiara Asp & Hunter Long

Night before Combi come join us at Vans Combi for a fun evening!

We are so excited to share this HISTORIC moment (and on Valentines Day no less!) Women's skateboarding is changing and history is being made!!

This info just in via Vans & World Cup Skateboarding:

Dear Pro Combi Skaters

It is my honor to share with you that the Vans Girl Combi Classic will offer a prize purse equal to the purse offered at the Vans Pool Party. All professional skateboarders should have the equal opportunity to compete for prizes that support and uplift their passion, talent and hard work.

Additionally, I’d like to invite you, your family and friends to the Vans Skatepark in Orange the evening before the competition to celebrate women’s skateboarding. This evening is dedicated to the pioneers of the skate industry and beginners who just want to come and learn something new with their friends. I am honored to be a part of a community that together, will inspire a new wave of women’s skateboarding progression. 

To RSVP for Friday night event click  ----->  HERE

Girls Combi New Purse 2018.  $65,000!!!!

1st $28,000
2nd $14,000
3rd $7,000
4th $3,500
5th $3,000
6th $2,500
7th $2,000

8th $1,800
9th $1,700
10th $1,500

If you haven’t already confirmed your invitation to compete, please do by responding to Don Bostick: don@wcsk8.com

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